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Our Leather

MAPi Cases uses 100% high quality cowhide leather in its products. 

Cowhide leather is durable, easy to care for, and resistant to water and dirt. It will take on the shape of the wearer, which makes it more comfortable the more it is worn. With age, the look and feel gets better; cracking and shedding are rarely incurred if the leather is kept properly.   

Cowhide is clean, easy to work on and shape, when compared to other types of leathers.

MAPi Cases combines its expertise in the industry with stylish in-house designers. The results include unmatched softness, full colors, and shine.

Our leather is drum-dyed so the dye penetrates all the way through the hide. This saturation process is done over a 30-day period as the skins tumble in large wooden drums. Although drum dyeing is the best and most expensive process to dye skins, the color of the leather will fade with consistent direct exposure to sunlight.

In order to create perfect full grain cowhide, a finish is applied to the grain side of the full grain leather. The finish includes a pigmented layer with a thickness and is formed of a stabilized polyurethane and/or polyacrylate dispersion. The dispersion contains micro spheres, which form primarily closed cells, and at least 10% open cells by volume.

A second layer, placed on the first layer, is formed from a cross-linked polyurethane-based varnish application containing a dulling agent. The leather undergoes a milling treatment. 

Depending on the type and quality of both the skins and the tanning process, every piece of leather has individual markings that relate to its origins and add character to each skin. 

Every single piece created by the artists at MAPi Cases manufacturing facilities in Istanbul, Turkey will carry the marks of traditional methods of leather-craftsmanship.

The cases and sleeves you will use with your devices are always going to be high quality, stylish, and flawless.