About Us

After working as a master craftsman for 20 years, Mr. Nedim KARTAL established his own company, Mapi Leather in 2004 as a small workshop to handcraft leather goods. This small workshop in Istanbul, with it’s trend setting designs and superior hand crafting abilities to address market needs, has quickly grown into one of the leading leather goods manufacturers in Turkey.

Selective consumers always prefer first class leather accessories. At Mapi, we create our products from highest quality top grain cowhide leather, selected from the finest suppliers in Turkey.

Our cases are distinguishable by their perfection in craftsmanship, harmony and rich textured feel, and they even better as they age. Mapi cases are very durable and capable to withstand years of heavy use.

Every couture piece in the Mapi Case Collection is handcrafted at Mapi factory by leather artisans with individual care. Unmatched craftsmanship is sewn into every impeccable stitch.

You are virtually guaranteed to make a great first impression with your Mapi case. This signature designs of the Mapi Case Collection never go out of style. The collection is designed for the sophisticated consumer with selective taste. A wide variety of long lasting, vibrant coloured leathers selection provides fashionable choices in how one wishes to be noticed.

Every couture piece in the Mapi Case Collection is unmatched in value. By buying direct from the Mapi Case Factory, you are guaranteed the finest quality leather in the world at the absolutely best price.

Please be welcomed to reach us anytime by sending an-email to :  info@mapicases.com.